Monday, December 21, 2015

Quality Management Software for Training


This module can be used to ensure that the most important resource of an organization...its human resources is the best it can be. In other words, it provides the tool to ensure optimum competence of the personnel in an organization. This is achieved by ensuring that all requirements for competency are met:
  • Those that are required by the organization
  • Those that are required by the department the person works in
  • Those required by the job function/ title/
  • Those additional requirements from the person’s supervisor or the competence/ HR manager
  • Performance evaluations (supported by QISS)
  • Any others
A person’s current competencies are measured against the total requirements, and the deficit is flagged for correction through a variety of training and other programs like on-the job mentoring, self-acceptance and others, all supported by QISS. 

QISS supports a library of training programs that can be offered through the software, as well as mechanisms to schedule and deliver live instructor led programs. The schedules could be unique, or could be driven by the individual training itself, such as fork-lift training that could be driven by periodic requirement.